Transfer game media

Switshot connects and transfer your media on your Nintendo Switch through Wi-Fi. In operation, Switshot only need scan QR code once for establish connection, which less than official media-sending function. Here is how.

Select media you would like to transfer

First, select “Album” in home screen of your Nintendo Switch.

Select one piece of media you want to transfer, then select “Sharing and Editing” and “Send to Smartphone”

If you selected a screenshot, Nintendo Switch will ask you about “Only This One” or “Send a Batch”. It depends: if you want to transfer more than one screenshots included selected, use “Send a Batch”, otherwise, select “Only This One”.

Establish connection and transfer

Next, Switch will show the QR code that include a Wi-Fi network information. Scan it with Camera appopen in new window or iOS QR scanner on your iPhone.


You need to scan the QR code provided by Nintendo Switch every time, for Nintendo Switch will generate a new Wi-Fi network password every time.


Do not exit “Send to Smartphone” screen in Nintendo Swith in whole transfer progress.

Next, launch Switshot now. Then, Switshot will try to connect to Nintendo Switch.


If this is the first time connect to Nintendo Switch, iOS will pops an alert says Switshot would like to find and connect to devices on your local network. Please click “OK”, otherwise Switshot will not work properly.


It is possibile that the Switshot shows “Cannot connect to console” when you connect to Nintendo Switch in a short time. It may happened sometime. Make sure the connection is solid and click “Try again” button several times. If you still unable to connect, please make some trouble shootings with “Cannot connect to console” part in Troubleshooting section.

You can click “Transfer” button to start transfer progress when Switshot confirm the connection is established.

Transfer progress will lasting for some time, according to different types and counts of media you selected. After transfer finished, you can check the result in the “Recent” section on the same screen.

Last Updated: 12/4/2021, 3:12:39 AM
Contributors: Astrian Zheng