Frequently Asked Questions

What features is must-try in Switshot 2.0?

Besides the brand new UI and media management function, Shortcuts intergration is the most important feature in Switshot 2.0. There are more with game media management, so keep in your eyes on official updating siteopen in new window!

What’re required while transfering media?

  • Make sure two devices is close enough.
  • Both of them are not in Airplane Mode.
  • Set permissions of Switshot correctly on iPhone (Detail).
  • Nintendo Switch can be Handeld Mode, TV Mode or Tabletop Mode.

What should be noticed while transfering?

  • The Bluetooth audio function will be disabled in Nintendo Switch, the Bluetooth earphone connected to Nintendo Switch will be disconnected before transfering.
  • Network functions in Nintendo Switch will be suspended, while the game runing in background cannot connected to internet, and all network function such as game content download also will be paused.
  • Do not exit “Send to smartphone” screen in Nintendo Switch while the transfering process not finished.

Where is my media transfered before?

Starting from Switshot 2.0, Switshot has integrated Shortcuts and new media management function. The media transfered in Switshot 1.x will still exist, but cannot be managed in Switshot 2.0 directly.

Switshot 2.0 will remain the intergration of Files app in iOS, considering the effect of this rapid change. You can find Switshot folder located in “My iPhone” volumn in Files app, and your transfered media in Switshot 1.x will be stored in there.

However, Switshot will remove intergration of Files app. We recommend you to handling your old media files properly, even may have “Shift old media to newer version” function in the future.

Why my media just transfered not exist in Files app?

Switshot 2.0 has new functions such as Shortcuts intergration and new media management function, which is not compatible with old volumn constructure. Therefore, Switshot 2.0 will not support to view transfered media in Files app, and Files app intergration will be also removed in the future.

As alternatives, there are more great features about game media management in the future. Stay tuned!

What the limit of transfering media? Can it be removed?

You can transfer up to 10 screenshots or 1 recording in each transfer, and you cannot transfer both screenshots and recordings at the same time. This limit is not Switshot’s limitation, it is set in Nintendo Switch by Nintendo.

Nintendo, please, remove it! The limit has no any point!

Will media transfered in shortcuts be saved to Switshot?

Sure. You can check all your transfered media in past at Switshot app, even transfered in shortcuts.

I found the name of local network are not changed. Can I skip scanning step?

Nope. Though Nintendo Switch will use the same local network name as switch_ (like switch_88402D0100h), each time you connect to Nintendo Switch, a new connection password will be generated. Also, when your iPhone connects to other Wi-Fi networks, the “Send to Smartphone” function in Nintendo Switch will not force your iPhone connect to the local network.

However, you still can create Shortcuts Automation with the same network name, such as “while I connect to Nintendo Switch, transfer media automatically.”

iOS reminds me that Switshot would like to scan my local network. What’s happening?

This relates to the “Send to smartphone” function and how Switshot works. When activate Nintendo Switch "Send to smartphone" feature, the console opens a Wi-Fi network hotspot and a web server. Switshot essentially accesses the media resources on the server in that internal network for completing transfer.

Therefor, Switshot need “Local network” permission to find your Nintendo Switch in local network, in order to get media resources and transfer.

Please be assured that Switshot does not engage in user profiling, data collection or any other privacy-invasive practices in the process. For more information on privacy-related matters, see the Privacy Policy.

Can I use Switshot on the Mac with Apple Silicon?

No for now. Nintendo Switch banned the connection of it's own hotspot network. However, Switshot may have macOS version in the future. Stay turned.

Last Updated: 12/5/2021, 3:34:12 AM
Contributors: Astrian Zheng